Auricular Medicine

Courses in auricular medicine, a highly advanced form of auricular acupuncture, was introduced by Paul Nogier as the crown of his discoveries. This is a highly sophisticated energetic techniques aimed at identifying the core of the energetic disturbances and providing the most sophisticated approaches to combat the pathologies.

Many mislabel auricular therapy techniques as auricular medicine, however, at this school, practitioners would learn the proper auricular medicine approaches as introduced by Paul Nogier. Auricular medicine utilizes certain approaches such as; the vascular autonomic signal (VAS), introduction of micro-information, and the evaluation of the bioenergetic field of the ear. These three principles constitute what auricular medicine entails. The school also introduces practitioners to the many advances introduced by Dr. Soliman and other practitioners that evolves the practice of auricular medicine to make it easier to practice.

The course entails 31 hours of training over two weekends including practical evaluation of patients.

A multiple-choice questions exam is offered following these trainings. Passing score will entitle the practitioner for a certificate of completion the Auricular Medicine course. (see conditions for eligibility).