Why Choose this School?

Learn from renowned expert in the fields of auricular therapy and advanced auricular medicine. Integrate new techniques and invaluable approaches into your practice to serve your patients and clients in an unmatched way.

Develop innovative knowledge and practical skills that are highly sought by the public for more safe and effective techniques geared at allowing the body to heal itself rather than symptomatic non-curative treatment approaches.


Learn the full-blown picture and the full evolution of the auricular acupuncture microsystem not taught in other schools.


Why choose this school rather than any other?

This is the only school dedicated to teach auricular therapy in its full potentials. Auricular therapy introduced by Dr. Paul Nogier was introduced in 1956 and was quickly adopted by the Chinese. Chinese ear acupuncture was followed by many acupuncturists and continue to be taught unchanged since that time. Dr. Paul Nogier, however, continued his research and improved his newly discovered system over the years. The three-phase auricular therapy and the introduction of the more sophisticated auricular medicine system were introduced. Learning about these refined discoveries provide practitioners with unmatched capabilities to deal with everyday health problems. Your treatment approaches will be performed at a higher level of understanding and will be based on anatomical and physiological understanding rather than functional and metaphorical approaches.